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Levitating Plant Pot

This is a high-tech plant pot that enables you to suspend your plant pot in the air. The plant pot has a unique design where the top is made of durable plastic and the lower part is made of a sturdy metal. This makes it easy to move around and prop your plant pot on to the next tree. The plant pot also has a high-tech suspension system that helps keep the plant pot in the air and allows you to keep track of how much air space you've allocated. The plant pot is also easy to clean and is perfect for big plants.

Top Levitating Plant Pot 2022

This is a great gift for those who love to floating their plants around. The candy canes and stars in the pot will make you and your recipient nervous but food will eventually be taken out of the can and left in the sky. The air suspension will keep the plants from falling down, the floating flower decor will make you and your recipient look good, and the gift may be even more exchangable upon delivery.
this is a great device for suspend plants in the air! It has a magnetic levitation feature that makes it easy to fly your plant in and out of your pot. The led light will show you how high your plant is flying, while the white light will make it possible to see the plant in the dark.
this is a great floating air bonsai pot for beginners and professionals alike! It features a fun magnetic rotation design that helps keep everything in place, and the floating flower top is an interesting and unique feature that doesn't relicurenge. This pot is also large enough to fit in a succulent, making it perfect for larger landscapes.